The war that has been imposed on Syria has had many effects on the Syrian community, such as an attack on the ancestral culture which is an important point of interest for many people. In addition the stealing of the simplest forms of living (destroyed homes – high prices – creating a gap in the educational atmosphere) and a cloud of sadness surrounding the humble life of a single Syrian family.

There is literally no Syrian family who hasn’t lost a loved one. Sometimes whole families are lost.

Imagine the disappearance of a child’s smile after seeing his house destroyed, and the lost of loved ones, left even without toys to help the child forget the sorrow.

For us, at our level, we want to lend a helping hand to shrink or eliminate the problems that the Syrian community is facing, by helping to rebuild homes and helping each child to continue the education process in way that is most appropriate to their needs.

What we are asking for first is that you stand beside us in this hopeful movement and share this vision with others so that we can be known through a wider audience and get the maximum support we could get.

Our project will start in a humble way. We are people of goodwill and we need your help to create a smile.

Smile it’s simple

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