The purpose of our project is to give a smile to the Syrian people, after what occurred to them throughout the violent war.

we do believe that every person is capable to change the world to a better place by giving a helping hand and through any act of kindness.

The main way that we want to help people is by creating our organization “Smile for Syria”, to help families rebuild their homes and give children a light of hope by helping them with the education process.

Our mission is to give as much help as we can to rebuild homes for Syrians and help to educate children in Syria despite all the obstacles and after this difficult time for Syrians.

We love Syria, that is why We are always searching, by any ways and means, to give help for all the Syrian Community and especially rebuilding homes and providing resources to educate children.

Hope you can join us on this active move for a happy life back to the Syrians.

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